Theatre Production

Shoreditch Town Hall,   London

Green Room 1:38th scale
Original Green Room
Advertising Poster
Mayors Chamber
Mayors Chamber Walls
Preparing the Chamber
Hotel Rooms
Council Chamber Model
Setting Up
Council Chamber in Preparation
Council Chamber Walls
Council Chamber Model
Telegraph Review
Room with Range
Work in Progress
Range  Model

     The models here are re-creations of rooms in the basement of Shoreditch Town Hall in London. The models range from 1/12th scale to 1/40th scale. They were commissioned by Tristan Sharpe for Theatre company Dreamthinkspeak who create site-responsive performance interweaving live performance  film model-making  and installation. View their website here. Previous works have taken place in a variety of physical and architectural contexts from a disused paper factory in Moscow to The Wintergardens Ballroom in Blackpool. 


Daily telegraph ****

..............Those who have seen dreamthinkspeak’s previous work will find much that’s familiar, including a fascination with the miniature. Everywhere you move you find tiny, doll’s house representations of the rooms you visit. The effect of this is occasionally exhilarating, such as when you peer at a miniscule ballroom before stepping into the actual space. It’s a blindsiding moment that makes you stand, amazed.....

Whats on stage  ****

            ..... tiny model suites, crammed with lush details, like a post-potion Alice in Wonderland. This must be what Proust felt like on munching that madeleine.

Financial Times ****

                 '...... a beautiful work'