Reproduction of

Abandoned Irish Homes

MA Photographic Project

Room with Green Walls
Making the Suitcase
Room with Piano
Room with Red Sofa
Making the  sofa
Broken Chair
Setting up

     The models on this page are reproductions of abandoned houses in Ireland reproduced in fine detail and captured in very high resolution and mostly in 12th scale.   They are part of a Photography exhibition project about Absence and memory of childhood. Much time was spent lighting the miniature scenes to create dramatic stage-set effect and capture an illusion of reality.  A variety of techniques and material were used. Weathering and degrading surfaces were done using masking techniques, glazing, scraping, a heatgun to bubble the surface. A lot of trial and error was involved. The red sofa was made from the the inside of an old handbag which had the exact texture and crease needed. A piano leg is made from a disused pipe.  The sprawling vegetation filling the green room was created using tiny plants from the garden, saw dust, dried herbs. As well as Balsa and veneer, the wonderful and versatile KAPA line foam is used extensively,  

 In some shots there are tiny prints on the wall of the actual space which was replicated.