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Agency: Above and Beyond
Agency: Above and Beyond
Work in Progress
Client: Jacobs Biscuits
Jacobs Billboard
Client: First Capital Connect
Client: Gonzalez Byass
Furniture of the Famous

      The Vending Machine was commissioned by advertising agency Above & Beyond It can currently be seen as a 12 sheet poster throughout London Underground. The concept is that a variety of commercial building will be dispensed from a drinks vending machine. Materials used are Kapa line foamboard 3mm palight and balsa wood and wire. The metal coils are made from plastic tubing filled with wire and sprayed

Other Advertising work which has been illustrated using mostly Photo Montage, was commissioned by

  • Jacobs biscuits Co.

48 Sheet Poster Campaign

Part of a long standing campaign wondering how the figs are put in fig rolls. 

  • Gonzalez Byass, Tio Pepe Sherry

Illustrated Newspaper Advert

An English man in Spain at the Tomatina tomato throwing festival 

  • First Capital Connect 

Illustrated Bus Stop Poster Campaign promoting days out to London with a family of Gorillas.

  • Furniture of the Famous

Client eventually used 2D image for the Advert. Model was never built

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